Thessaloniki Pride 2023

11th Thessaloniki Pride poster, I belong to me, 19-24 June 2023

11th Thessaloniki Pride I BELONG TO ME In recent times, we have witnessed increasingly ludicrous situations, often the product of imported alt right trends, that attempt to impose restrictions on how we manage our bodies, threatening decades of progress. They want to tell us what gender we are, if and when we’ll have children, if we should gain or lose … Read More

Thessaloniki Pride 2022

10th Thessaloniki Pride LESSON IN ACCEPTANCE   10 years after the 1st Thessaloniki Pride, a milestone for our city and the Greek LGBTI movement, Thessaloniki is preparing for the anniversary 10th edition of Thessaloniki Pride. As the corona pandemic is receding, the festival comes back in June, the Pride month, when it traditionally takes place, and is expected to unite … Read More

Thessaloniki Pride 2021

9th Thessaloniki Pride WHAT NORMALITY? Following the global experience of restrictive measures, as well as the incidents of gender-based abuse and violence that shocked the Greek society, the 9th Thessaloniki Pride under the slogan “what normality?” is questioning  the normality we want to return to? In the one where the LGBTI+ people lived in a constant “quarantine” being free to … Read More

Thessaloniki Pride 2019

8th Thessaloniki Pride 2019 poster

8th Thessaloniki Pride MAKING HISTORY   50 years ago the LGBTI community resisted. In the night of 28 June 1969 people at the gay bar Stonewall Inn in New York City resisted for the first time the systematic police violence against them. This turning point was going to spark the beginning of the LGBTI movement, a global movement that affected … Read More

Thessaloniki Pride 2018

7th thessaloniki Pride poster "A Family Thing"

  7th Thessaloniki Pride is dedicated to family.   As a community we fall in love and create relationships of tenderness and affection, while many of us create our own families, which we usually have to keep out of sight in order to protect them. In a society that denies and stigmatizes them, the Greek government fails to vote legislation … Read More

Thessaloniki Pride 2016

LOVE ONE ANOTHER! The 5th Thessaloniki Pride is dedicated to the combat against hate speech. The hateful speech that incites, encourages and justifies hatred against LGBTI people and can lead to discrimination and crimes against them is a phenomenon that must be addressed, since in all evidence it is linked to the rise of homo/transphobic violence, but also to the … Read More

Thessaloniki Pride 2017

6th Thessaloniki Pride 14-17 June 2017 COME AS YOU ARE The 6th Thessaloniki Pride is dedicated to our right to identify ourselves the way we feel and our obligation to respect the self-identification of others. With the increasing visibility of the LGBTIQ+ community the society gets more and more familiar with identities relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, expression … Read More