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Thessaloniki Pride 2021

9th Thessaloniki Pride


Following the global experience of restrictive measures, as well as the incidents of gender-based abuse and violence that shocked the Greek society, the 9th Thessaloniki Pride under the slogan “what normality?” is questioning  the normality we want to return to? In the one where the LGBTI+ people lived in a constant “quarantine” being free to express themselves only on the four walls of our house? Or the one in which patriarchy provided justification to every rape and femicide, reproducing the objectification of women? Is it that perhaps instead of returning to a normality that does not fit diversities, we should build a new and inclusive future together?

Based on the aforementioned topic, the events of the 9th Thessaloniki Pride will inform, raise awareness, entertain and promote the causes of the LGBTI+ community. The community that, after 2 years of absence of Thessaloniki Pride due to the pandemic, is thirsty to feel the liberating feeling to go out in public and take part in public discourse. That is why the organising team of Thessaloniki Pride, has put together the LGBTI+ Pride week from 20 to 25 September 2021, observing of course the health protocols, but always having in mind that we experience this liberating feeling and reunite with each other. The peak of the week is of course the great Pride march on Saturday, September 25 in YMCA Sq.

Precisely because of the pandemic conditions, this year Theatro Kipou (Garden Theatre) was chosen as the main venue for Thessaloniki Pride, because there must be a certain number of participants in events that include shows. On Saturday, September 25, the Pride Fair will take place right next to it, in the Xarchakos Park, the starting and finishing point of the Pride March.

You can find the detailed program here.