Thessaloniki Pride 2019

8th Thessaloniki Pride 2019 poster

8th Thessaloniki Pride



50 years ago the LGBTI community resisted. In the night of 28 June 1969 people at the gay bar Stonewall Inn in New York City resisted for the first time the systematic police violence against them. This turning point was going to spark the beginning of the LGBTI movement, a global movement that affected the course of world history and was placed next to the women’s, black et al. emancipation movements

Every one of us is part of this global movement with our everyday opposition to discrimination based on gendeer and sexual orientation. And when we get together, we’re making history.

We’re making history every time when we march in pride and fill the streets with love, when we manage to make public space more tolerant to the expression of any sexuality, when we raise a child who won’t reproduce discriminatory and hate speech that belongs to the past, when we alter the collective consciousness, when we transform our city from a hostile and phobic one into an international destination that welcomes any alterity.

This year we’re making history again in the streets of Thessaloniki in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. From 18 to 22 June, join us and make history with us, by participating in the events of Thessaloniki Pride and march with us in the great Pride Parade on Saturday, 22 June, at 19:00 at the White Tower.