Thessaloniki Pride 2016

The 5th Thessaloniki Pride is dedicated to the combat against hate speech. The hateful speech that incites, encourages and justifies hatred against LGBTI people and can lead to discrimination and crimes against them is a phenomenon that must be addressed, since in all evidence it is linked to the rise of homo/transphobic violence, but also to the negative impact on the fragile LGBTI youth psychology, such as depression and increased suicidal tendencies. The most effective response is the instant reaction of the society to hate speech of any kind and source (institutions, public figures, internet, social environment) reproducing messages of love and support. That is why the motto of the 5th Thessaloniki Pride coincides with the famous Gospel saying “love one another” (John, 13:34). It is the best response to the advocates of homo/transphobic hate, who often cite religion, misinterpreting it, to stigmatize LGBTI people. The androgynous playing card figure of the poster (Queer of Hearts) denotes that love always prevails over hate.



Wednesday, 22 June 2016

17:30-23:30 ALL DAY COCKTAIL PARTY, Kalapothaki str.
Outdoor party with summer cocktails

19:00-21:00 TRANS FORUM, Oikopolis (Ptolemaion 29A, 5th fl.)
The challenges of hate speech and the developments in the legal recognition of gender identity by the Greek Transgender Support Association


Thursday, 23 June 2016

12:00-00:30 PHOTO EXHIBITION, BAU’s (5 Navarinou sq. & Vironos)
– Beyond the Stigma of the One: Human and their plurals: photo showcase by George Christodoulou by Positive Voice
– Project Antithesis: stereotypes in contrast by Ulysses artistic union
– VIP naked portraits against HIV stigma by Positive Voice
18:00-19:00: 40 years in review by Amnesty International

12:00-00:30 VISUAL ARTS EXHIBITION, Anothen (22 Karolou Ntil str.)
Project Unicorn: Untagged: exhibition on identity and self-identification by Thessaloniki Rainbow Youth
19:00-20:00: Presentation-conclusion of Project Unicorn by Thessaloniki Rainbow Youth


Friday, 24 June 2016

17:30-21:30 PRIDE FORUM, City Hall, Multipurpose Hall Manolis Anagnostakis (Vas. Georgiou 1)
17:30-19:00: Hate speech: psychological and social dimensions roundtable by 11528 BY YOUR SIDE
19:00-21:30: Coming Out: face to face, speeches and discussion by HOMOphonia

22:30-2:00 STREET PARTY, Chrimatistiriou sq.
DJ set outdoor party


Saturday, 20 June 2016

12:00-17:30 PRIDE FAIR, White Tower sq.
Distribution of informative material at info kiosks and parallel activities by activist groups

17:30-18:30 PRIDE WARM UP, White Tower sq.
Music warm-up

18:30-19:30 STATEMENTS OF SUPPORT, White Tower sq.
Short speeches delivered by participating organizations, bodies and the Mayor

19:30-21:30 PRIDE PARADE
Pride march at the historical center of Thessaloniki

21:30-00:30 PRIDE CONCERT, White Tower sq.
Concert by the rainbow-lighted White Tower with music and dance performances