Thessaloniki Pride is a civil society organisation with the goal of promoting the visibility of sexual orientation minorities (gay, lesbian and bi people) and gender minorities (trans persons), as well as supporting equality and human rights in the greater area of Thessaloniki. For this purpose, Thessaloniki Pride organizes the festival that holds the organization’s name every June, an event which stands as the realisation of the right of gay, lesbian, bi and trans people to be present in the public sphere and contribute to public speech as such. This yearly festival, reaches out to the whole city as an occasion to celebrate diversity and fight stigmatization. This event, which started dynamically in 2012, has grown to become the most attended human rights-related event of Thessaloniki. Apart from the yearly festival, Thessaloniki Pride also organizes educational as well as interventional events throughout the year. The organisation also works towards setting up a Southeastern Europe network of similar civil society organisations.