Why should I participate in Thessaloniki Pride?


I participate in Thessaloniki Pride, because:

I demand:

✔  equal rights for same-sex couples

✔  abolition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity

✔  the dignity that every gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person deserves within society

✔  sexual education at school

✔  legal protection from hate speech by religious and political leaders

✔  eradication of homophobia-transphobia


I honour:

✔  those who stood up and fought against the violence they suffered at the Stonewall Inn in 1969

✔  those who have fought for LGBT rights around the globe


I learn about:

✔  the Stonewall Inn and the origins of the LGBTΙ movement

✔  LGBTΙ rights in my country

✔  incidents of homophobia-transphobia in my city and what I can do about them

✔  how to protect my health
I send the message:

✔  that sexual diversity is acceptable not only privately, but also publicly

✔  that Thessaloniki is a city that is open and tolerant of any type of minority

✔  that no one should be ashamed of their sexual identity
I celebrate:

✔  alterity and the social wealth it provides

✔  the harmonious coexistence of all sexual identities within the fabric of society

✔  and become acquainted with people who share my concerns

✔  and flirt and enjoy myself at parties and artistic events



Become a Volunteer

The realisation of Thessaloniki Pride would remain just an idea without your participation.

You can become a volunteer and help us paint Thessaloniki in rainbow colours.

Fill out the following form, click ‘send’ and your application is complete.