Following the case related to the racist transphobic attack against trans individuals, yesterday, Friday, the scheduled trial for the two attacks that occurred on different dates, at Aristotelous Square and along the Macedonia Palace hotel respectively, was to take place at the Single-Member Misdemeanor Court of Thessaloniki.


The trial for both aforementioned cases was postponed to October 31, 2024. The positive development, which the victim’s lawyer highlighted yesterday with official statements, focuses on the fact that for the preliminary examination ordered by the Misdemeanor Court Prosecutor against the victim at the New Beach of Thessaloniki (along the Macedonia Palace hotel), aiming to investigate whether the video recorded in a public space and used for the identification of the perpetrator is legal or illegal, a related circular of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Areopagus (no. 3/14.03.2024) was published in light of the events and attacks.


The circular accepts that the use of video material is legal, as it constitutes evidence from which the perpetrators of the transphobic attacks are identified, noting that “…the rights to private life and the protection of personal data are not absolute. Like any other constitutional right, they can be limited, if there are serious reasons of public interest and if their exercise infringes the rights of others, provided, of course, that the constitutionally protected principle of proportionality is not violated… In any case, the complete prohibition of processing and using personal data would lead to the abolition of the citizen’s right to a judicial hearing and protection (Article 20 paragraph 1 of the Constitution).


We continue actively to stand by the victims, condemn again the attacks against individuals due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.


We demand that the perpetrators of the unprovoked attacks with racist characteristics be condemned and that the two LGBTQ+ individuals be vindicated.


Justice is the refuge of citizens for the protection of their rights, and its administration sends a clear message against impunity not only to the alleged perpetrators but also more broadly to society.


2024 is the year of EuroPride for Thessaloniki and our country, and it is in our interest to ensure the safety of all.


Thessaloniki Pride