Announcement – Press Release regarding the attack against trans individuals in Thessaloniki

thessaloniki trans people

We walk freely, proudly, and safely on the streets and in the squares.

We are not intimidated.


New transphobic attack in Thessaloniki.


Just a few days after the brutal racist and transphobic attack by more than two hundred young individuals in Thessaloniki, with the horror still not having subsided and the LGBT+ victims having survived by luck, on Monday, March 11, 2024, a new incident of transphobia and racist hatred took place against one of the victims of the attack on Aristotelous.


In the afternoon, the trans individual was walking with a friend on the new waterfront of Thessaloniki. Near Macedonia Pallas, a young adult male recognized them due to the transphobic incident on Saturday – which received significant publicity and was condemned by many people and institutional bodies – and, moving threateningly against them, mocked and insulted them for their gender identity and expression, saying, “Are you the faggot from Aristotelous? We know you, we will throw you into the sea,” “LGBT+ we will fuck you,” “we have orthodoxy here, you have no place here.”


The trans individual and their friend recorded the incident and called the police. A lawsuit was filed against the perpetrator for threats and insults with a racist motive based on gender identity, and a case file was formed by the Department for Dealing with Racist Violence of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate.


The perpetrator was arrested and referred to trial at the Single-Judge Misdemeanor Court of Thessaloniki; however, the case was postponed to Friday, March 22, 2024, due to the absence of witnesses, and the defendant was released. It is noted that on the same date and in the same court, the case of the nine accused for the transphobic attack at Aristotelous Square is also being heard.


Simultaneously, the Prosecutor ordered a preliminary examination against the victim to investigate whether there was a violation of personal data legislation for the video taken during the attack, which led to the identification of the arrested individual.


The racist, homophobic, transphobic, and interphobic discourse uttered by the most official bodies of the Greek state, even within the Hellenic Parliament during the legislative process for the rights of our LGBT+ fellow humans, as well as by the media through the over-promotion of homophobic statements, poisons the public sphere, triggering attacks on the bodies of our LGBT+ fellow humans.


As LGBTQI+ collectives:

We reiterate that we are not intimidated. We are united, strong, and proud.

We condemn the new racist and transphobic attack on a member of our community.

We declare our practical support, assistance, and solidarity with them in every possible way.

We call on the Greek state to guarantee for all of us the fundamental human right to move freely and safely in public space.

We request the introduction of inclusive comprehensive sexual education, from kindergarten to high school, as an autonomous subject, as only through education can similar transphobic, homophobic, and interphobic incidents be eradicated.

We fight and demand that our rights not only exist on paper but are applied in our lives and protect our bodies.



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