11528 – By Your Side

The major project Anti-Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Prevention and Intervention, launched earlier in December as a partnership between OLKE (Greek Homosexual and Lesbian Community), Athens Pride, Thessaloniki Pride and Thetiki funding of the Solidarity Foundation – Solidarity Now, proceeded to its implementation. Initially, the training of psychologists was completed and the communication strategy of the project was designed. The name 11528 was chosen – By Your Side; for the communication of the initiative. The promotional spot for the LGBTI hotline for young people, their families and teachers was filmed, which started receiving calls on January 27th.

The first official presentation of the work took place on March 17 at a large event at the Onassis Foundation’s House of Letters and Arts. At the same time, the promotion of the line was promoted as a social message by the television channels after the relevant approval of the National Broadcasting Council. Within four months, the shooting of one of the two TV shows of the campaign for same-sex companionship was completed.