Trans Day of Remembrance

trans day of remembrance

On the occasion of the International Day of Remembrance for trans individuals who lost their lives last year as victims of extreme transphobic hatred, we reflect on the profound impact of a society and a world that systematically excludes, stigmatizes, and abuses members of the transgender community. Globally, there is an alarming rise in the most horrific manifestation of transphobia—the deliberate taking of the lives of trans people solely because of their identity.

As is customary each year, we will be present to pay tribute to the memory of the trans and gender-diverse individuals who lost their lives in 2023. Our presence signifies our commitment to dismantling the social and political structures that give rise to and sustain discrimination, exclusion, and acts of violence.

In collaboration with the Transgender Support Association, the Rainbow Families Greece, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Greek Film Center, events will take place on the 18th and 19th of November:

  • Saturday 18/11/2023 – 17:00:
    Speeches on International Transgender Day of Remembrance
    (Thessaloniki City Hall, M. Anagnostakis Hall)
  • Sunday 19/11/2023 – 17:00:
    Screening of the film “Angelos” (1982), by Giorgos Katakouzinos
    (Olympion Film Theatre, Olympion Hall)
  • Sunday 19/11/2023 – 19:30:
    Silent candlelight march in the city center.
    (Starting from the Olympion Film Theatre)