Suggest a slogan for the 7th Thessaloniki Pride

As a community we love and create relationships of love and affection, while many of us create our own families, which we usually have to keep out of sight in order to protect them. In a society that denies and stigmatizes them the greek government fails to vote legislation that protects lgbt families and allows them to live in dignity enjoying the same rights as all other families. From adoption not being foreseen by the law for same-sex civil unions to the exclusion of married trans people by the Legal Gender Recognition Bill and the recent declaration of the same-sex married couple from Tilos as invalid from the Supreme Court, the family life of LGBT people continues to be overlooked institutionally and thus put at risk.

As LGBT individuals though we don’t only create families, but also grow in them often in difficulty since our family relationships are tested from negative stereotypes and the stigmatism from which our community suffers. Thus, it is an undisputed fact that the self-acceptance of a LGBT child begins often within the family and by the acceptance of the child’s sexual or gender identity from its parents.

As part of this theme, Thessaloniki Pride is looking for a slogan to refer to our right in parenthood and to creating our own families but also in our relationship with our existing family. The slogan should:

  • Be dynamic and witty, easily to memorise and have no negativity
  • Not exceed four (4) words
  • Be gender neutral
  • Be easily translated to other languages without losing its original meaning

If you have any ideas, send them by the 4th of January until 18:00 by e-mail at [email protected] or at our Facebook page