Webinar on Intersectionality

    On Thursday, 24 February 2022, at 18:00 Thessaloniki Pride offered an open webinar to NGO professionals on how to implement the principles of intersectionality to their everyday opperation in their organisations and especially, when they hold a public event.
The event was part of the advocacy campaign of Thessaloniki Pride, as a partner of the project “Through the Lens of the Other”. Our goal was to give practical tips on how to build up an intersectional approach to our everyday opperation and event organising and why it is an important element of our work. We focused on issues of accessibility, reduction of environmental footprint, minority inclusion and other dimensions of intersectionality and we stressed that it is a never-ending list ever-going process. The event was attended by 37 individuals, all active in the civil society sector and was included in the series of capacity building seminars that ThessNetwork organises for its members and other NGOs.