Monday, 19.6 

18:00-20:00 Thessaloniki History Centre (Ippodromiou Sq.)
     DEBATE: The pre-election agenda of political parties

20:00-20:30 Warehouse C, port
     FASHION SHOW & after party (until 00:00)


Tuesday, 20.6 

ActionAid Youth Centre (Navarinou Sq. 7)
     14:00-16:00 Safe @ Work by ActionAid
     16:00-18:00 Recycling and Reuse Craft Workshop by Flying Tiger
     18:00-20:00 Inclusive Sign Language Workshop powered by Pfizer, implemented by SMIYL

19:00-21:00 Starting point: Morichovou Sq., Ladadika
     THESSALONIKI QUEER TOUR by Thessaloniki Walking Tours [admission fee, registration needed]

20:30-23:30 exPOSE (Politechniou 31)
     NEGOTIATION & CONSENT: Shibari, the Japanese erotic bondage by Athens Shibari [registration needed]

21:00-02:00 Wonderwall (Egyptou 18, Ladadika)
     BEER PONG Party [registration needed, wheelchair inaccessible]


Wednesday, 21.6

Cineplexx, One Salonica (Kotta Roulia 10)
17:00-18:15 “In the Spotlight: an LGBTQI+ visibility project” documentary by EUphoria Youth Lab
8:30-19:30 Animations by AddArt
19:30-20:45 AKOE/AMFI: The history of a revolution (*to fall asleep on his chest…) by director Sifis Vardakis, exclusive broadcast Vodafone TV

18:00-20:00 The Modernist (Ermou 32)
     I SET MY OWN LIMITS: workshop by SHE [registration needed]

19:00-21:30 French Institute, Allatini Dassault Hall (λεωφ. Στρατού 2Α)
    ΡΩΓΜΕΣ – ΦΘΟΡΑ ΣΗΜΑΙΝΕΙ ΖΩΗ παράσταση από την in_contACT

21:00-00:00 Garden Theatre (Nik. Germanou, YMCA Sq.)
     CONCERT with M.A.t.E., MAZOHA, Yama 337, Vina Sergi and the DJ Manolis Stavroulakis by Summer Festival


Thursday, 22.6 

19:00-21:00 Starting point: Morichovou Sq., Ladadika
     THESSALONIKI QUEER TOUR by Thessaloniki Walking Tours [admission fee, registration needed]

Navarinou Sq.
     18:00-19:30 ActionAid Youth Centre (Navarinou Sq. 7) LGBTI Date Apps and Mental Health by 11528 – By Your Side
     19:00-20:00 Iliotropio Cafe (Navarinou Sq. 14) Bingo night
     18:00-23:00 Bazaar
     19:00-23:00 Starting point: e-fantasy (L. Iasonidou 13) Dungeons & Drag interactive role-playing game [registration needed]
     19:30-21:30 Short films screenings: Andrea Pavlou’s “Α or Β”, “PAGOTA”, “ΟΝΕΙΡΟΙ” by BAU’s
     20:00-23:00 HIV Rapid test by ThessCheckpoint
     21:00-23:00 Dance performances (Discotheque of Stars) and drag shows (Angel Seemen, Mystic Van Rouge, Katina Bella and Rawbee Candles) by BAU’s     

22:30-02:00 “Argo” ship (White Tower Sq.)
     PROUD AT SEAS party by Plus Radio [by invitation only – giveaway to the radio station audience]


Friday, 23.6

17:00-20:00 BAU’s (Navarinou Sq. 5)
     QUEER POETRY NOW: reading & writing workshop [registration needed]

18:00-19:30 Etsi kanoun oi balarines (Ster. Polydorou 61, upper city)
     FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL: event with the book “Rosanna” for parents and children by Rainbow Families 

19:00-21:00 Thessaloniki History Centre (Ippodromiou Sq.)
     PRIDE FORUM: – INTERSEX – “ENTRE DEUX SEXES”: film screening and discussion by Intersex Greece

18:00-00:00 TIF South Gate, YMCA Sq.
     STREET PARTY with DJ με DJs Xenia Ghali, Sergio T and Alexandros Mathas and drag shows by Nasty Chiloudaki, Celestella and Helena Hudson


Saturday, 24.6 TIF South Gate, YMCA Sq.

12:00-17:30 PRIDE FAIR
     Info kiosks and various informative and recreational activities

     by participating entities

18:00-20:30 PRIDE PARADE
     Pride march at the center of Thessaloniki

20:45-00:00 PRIDE CONCERT
     with Τάμτα, Kings, The Mode, House of Drama and Kostis Mylonas and drag shows by Heelcat, Katina Bella, Mystic Van Rouge, Bimboy and Fatality



     19-23/06 18:00-22:00 & 24/06 11:00-14:00French Institute, Allatini Dassault Hall (Stratou Av. 2A): “Visuability”,
     collective exhibition of 44 artists
     19/06-24/06 19:00-23:00, Toss Gallery (Vilara 1, inside La Doze): “Intervisibility”, collective exhibition of 25 artists
     19/06-24/06 18:00-2:00, Anothen Cafe (Karolou Dil 22): “Love your body, love yourself”, photo exhibition by Vrakadiko.gr